Rethink your brand..
We guide…
Real content is king..
We deliver…
Smart from the start..
We develop…
Hatch your ideas..
We foster…
Align your brand..
we help…
Protect your identity..
We guard…

Did you know we specialize in start-ups. From tax and legal issues to licensing and company structuring. We take care of your business!



We are a supercharged tactical internet company.

We’re hired for our refreshing innovative ideas. Our network. Our no-nonsense approach. We specialize in tactical and strategic business development. In real-life and on the Internet. Our clients are renowned companies and start-ups launching innovative and unique (digital) services or products. In our work we focus on two things:

  1. 1. Building a quality business with innovative legal (tax and licensing) structures and business agreements with smart conflict prevention.
  2. 2. Building a quality and trustable brand on the Internet by social engagement with your targeted audiences through providing premium content, services and products.

We partner up with best-in-class specialists to make sure your interests and business strategies are safeguarded. Feel free to watch the movie on your right containing a quick explanation of the importance of quality content and client engagement.

Gryph is a one-stop business provider. This means within our network we’re able to fully address your company’s needs.

We’d like to think of Gryph as a company with a handy set of particular skills. Skills we can truly identify ourselves with. Skills we successfully use for our clients and their brands. We love our work and we invest lots of time in creating and developing new ideas and innovative ways of using existing resources.

We team up as strategists, information specialists and legal or accounting specialists to make sure your venture is sound from the start. You will not pay a tax penny in vain and your Intellectual Property will be safe and guarded. Your licensing will be in order as will be your interests in doing business with EU-consumers under regulatory law. We guide you in making some tactical decisions and provide you with a future proof strategic business plan, completely laid out for your company’s business.

Once you’re up on your feet, we’ll help you perform some legit business. With our strategic information, PR and marketing partners we’ll manage your growth by smartly targeting your brand’s audience and making sure you’ll see an amazing return on investment while gaining capital. For this endeavor we supply you with insightful tools for day-by-day and hour-by-hour monitoring and real quality content. We deliver your content and target your audience with it, building trust and social engagement. You’ll see the demand for your products and services steadily but significantly grow within the shortest possible time period.

We make sure you’ll be having all there is to need to come out on top of your market.

Interested? Feel free to contact us!


We explore

We’re all about securing your interests. We invest in in-depth research, analysis and audience targeting.


We generate

We foster your brand, products and services, but we’ll generate some bright ideas along the way as well..


We launch

We operate in specialized tactical teams. We make sure you come out on top of your market.


We market.

You want to conquer the Internet, then you’ll be needing some help… It’s a big place out there!




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